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Homeowner Tips for Summer in Canada

Homeowner Tips for Summer in Canada

Being an Oakville mortgage broker in Canada, I’ve seen the damage that can be done to homes that aren’t maintained regularly.  We get some harsh weather during the winter months, which means it isn’t easy to get on top of home maintenance until the warmer weather arrives.  With summer upon us, there are some maintenance tips I’d like to share to help you get your home ready for the changing season.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are one of the commonly overlooked areas in house maintenance.  Aside from rain runoff, dirt and debris can collect in your gutters that blocks their ability to properly drain.  This can cause leaks and corrosion if it’s not maintained regularly.

Check Those Smoke Detectors

As part of my own spring/summer clean-up, I go around and check or replace all of the batteries in my smoke detectors.  It’s advised to change those batteries every six months and what better time to schedule this than when you are doing your pre-summer and winter home maintenance.

Change Your Filters

Filters, such as those found in air purifiers or heating systems, need to be changed regularly.  The rule of thumb is to change filters every 3 months if you don’t have pets and every 2 months with pets.  With the spring and summer months, you will get more allergens, pollen, dust, and dirt in the air.  Starting the season off with fresh clean filters will make the atmosphere in the home feel more comfortable.

Service Air Conditioning Units

Don’t wait until your air conditioning unit breaks down to have it maintained.  A regularly serviced unit will not only lower the number of incidents of a breakdown, but it will also help your air conditioning system last longer.


If you have a deck in your garden, now is the best time to give it a once over.  Look for any signs of rot so you can replace boards, and check for nails that have come loose or are sticking up.  This is also the time for re-sealing your deck if it’s needed.  A good way to check if your deck needs sealing is to sprinkle a bit of water over it.  If the water beads up you are good to go.  If the water seems to soak right in, its time to reseal it.

Check Your Garden

While you’re outside checking your deck, have a wander around the garden area.  What you want to look for are areas where puddles tend to form, tree branches that are too close, or overhanging your roof, and roots that are growing too close to the foundation of the home that could cause structural issues later on.

Inspect Your Roof

Winter storms can leave homes with loose shingles or leaks.  As we move into the warmer months it’s a good time for having your roof checked and fix any issues.  You can do this at the same time you are checking your gutters.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to save yourself some money in the long-run.  The better maintained a home is, the more curb appeal it has, and this comes in handy when deciding to sell.  For more homeowner tips and advice, give our Oakville mortgage brokers a call today!

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